Ecological Material Research


Since 2003 we are looking to improve  Ecological Design, in new Concept research, and in Material Research. We are permanently traveling the world searching inspiration for your new interior Concept.

Work, people and interaction inbetween is changing and your surrounding and interior design too.

We discover Earth in England ( Devon) Plymouth Earth School of Architecture, this building materail could save the future of our new generations.

We are part of international Colloque and Conference since 2006 ( India, Germany Lehm festival, Asterre, Grain D'isère festival, Marrakech Le centre de la Terre ... ), and regularly speaker on Local Conferences.





2005      Thesis "Quel Avenir pour le matériau terre dans la socété contemporaine"

                Thomas RENAULT - Diplôme d'Architecte DPLG Ecole d'Architecture Paris Val de Seine

2007      Design and Built Eco Tourism Center in Compressed Earth Block, Marrakech

2008      Design and Built Endurance Shop Paris, First Shop in Paris with compressed Earth Block

2009      Design Sport Center Completely design with Earth wall - Never Built

2010      Design Hotel Marriott Marrakech, Compressed Ramned Earth wall for the External limit

property walls. Hotel Never built, Wall built

2011      Le centre de la terre Marrakech, suivi de chantier terre crue.

2012      Earth Render for internal Purpose, Research and Developpement,

2013      First appartment in Paris Completely rebuild with Earth Render

2014      ""  on line









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